Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pumpkin patch 2014

 We went to a local Farm this year to get our pumpkins. The kids are growing very fast. I can see it in these pics.

Hope you are having fun this Fall.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Deseret news home show tour

 I am giving you the tour of the front door displays and tablescapes by local bloggers at the Deseret news Home show. 
 I loved this Halloween tablescape. The jars and skeletons.
This one was a day of the dead tablescape. Love the bright colors and the limes in the vases with roses.

I love the natural elements in this Fall tablescape.

Love the sparkling red and green in this Christmas table. Love the ornaments in the glass apothecary jars

Aqua blue is a favorite for Christmas. 

Now the doors: This beautiful Christmas wreath. Love the stars.

Fall door with apples.

Very sparkly Fall door.

Witch door wreath.

4th of July wreath.

Spring door with a succulents wreath.

My spring door with a very French blackboard wreath.

Easter wreath. I love paper art.

Christmas wreath. Love a cute snowman.

Valentine door.

Very modern door with succulents.

A pompom door is just a winner and so happy.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.
What are your favorites?

By Isabelle Thornton

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Agnes and Dora Pencil skirt for Sunday best dress

Agnes and Dora skirts are my favorites For church. They are easy to put on and super pretty! Very comfortable and modest. Great when you have little kids and you spend your time grabbing them. I love how fun they are and their great prints. I am getting more for Christmas.  Shop here and thank me later. Grab some leggings while you are at it. They are Fab!

I am wearing a size Medium and the skirt is true to it's size
As you can tell I can't be alone in the pictures. There is little intruders but it's ok. They are pretty cute!
By Isabelle Thornton

Monday, October 20, 2014

Treat basket craft and caramel apple cinnamon roll recipe roll, link up Monday!

How is your week going? I am trying to get all the fun before Halloween comes and the snow. Time is flying! Thanks so much for linking last week! Link anything you want!

 I really love this soda carrier treat basket from the Itsy bitsy paper blog. I would totally do this for my friends or secret treats for neighbors.
Perfect for Fall is this Caramel apple cinnamon recipe from Leesh and Lu's recipe box.

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 By Isabelle Thornton

Link anything you want.

Monday, October 13, 2014

French Toile settee makeover and clean eating printable. Link to the Monday party.

How was your week? I was at the Deseret news show and part of the door decor contest. It was really cool. Tough competition but I think we are all winners. The doors where beautiful!
Link anything you want and thanks so much for linking. You are the best!

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 By Isabelle Thornton

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spring wreath chalkboard DIY from the door decor challenge at the Deseret news Home show

I wanted to make for the Deseret News Home show a very out of the ordinary wreath. I made this "wreath' with a French touch and under $50. You don't have to be very crafty or very talented to make this. Just take your time and have fun.

{Spring wreath chalkboard tutorial}

You will need:
-Chalkboard framed - Mine was from Hobby Lobby 50% off.
-Chalk -  Hobby lobby.
-Pencil sharpener
-Hairspray - Aqua Net -  Walmart
-Coral paint -  The Vintage Bee in Coral
- 15 feet Butterfly burlap ribbon -  Hobby Lobby.
-Glue gun
-Strong string or cord
-Damp cloth
-dry cloth
-Cue tips
- Painter's tape
- News paper
-bag tie backs
-Wreath hanger

Prep your chalkboard  by covering the whole board with chalk . Erase the chalk with Damp cloth. Sharpen the chalk with  the big side of the pencil sharpener. wet your chalk and Copy the design of your choice free hand to your board. The chalk disappears to appear dense when dry. Add embellishments like a banner or flowers to fill spots you think needs it. Use dry cloth and cue tips to clean errors.  I have some design choices on my blog.  When dry, seal it with hairspray. Do light coats. The chalk disappears when the hairspray is wet and reappears when dry.

Separate the chalk from the frame or mask the middle with painter's tape and news paper and Spray the frame with Coral paint. When dry place the chalkboard back.

Tie the string between the 2 hanging hooks in the back of the frame, making sure the hanging top is where the wreath and the wreath hanger should be.
Cut your ribbon  in 2 same lengths. Hot glue the ribbons on each sides on the back of the frame.
Hang your wreath on the string to the wreath hanger to the door and then attach both ribbons on the top of wreath hanger with bag ties. Make a bow by making 2 loops with each ribbons and tying them together. Cut the end of ribbons where you want then in a V shape. Hot glue top of ribbon to the wreath hanger or anything showing or you want to stay put.

A little view of the Coral paint, Aqua Net hairspray. I use a mini glue gun. 
The original frame was blue. Wet your chalk to have a more dense writing.
Sharpen your chalk. Write free hand your designs. Some ideas at the end of this posts.
Seal your chalk art with Hair spray. Spray paint your frame with the Coral paint. I masked the middle part with news paper and painter's tape but you can also take the frame apart.
Tie up your string in the back where you want to hang your wreath hanger.
Cut your ribbon in two and hot glue each end on each side of the frame.
Hang your frame on the wreath hanger and attach both ends of the ribbon on the top of the hanger with tie.
Make a simple bow. Hot glue the parts that you want hidden or you want to stay put.
Very French, crafty, artsy chalkboard frame for your front door or interior.

You can see it here on my black front door. Match your flowers in your pots to the Coral frame and you have a stunning, not like everyone front door.

Some chalkboard ideas for you to copy:
Chalkboard spring is here renew and grow.
Chalkboard inspiration Spring has sprung breath it all in.

Doesn't it make you exited for Spring!?
By Isabelle Thornton

Disclosure: I was given a $50 Visa card to make this Spring wreath.
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