Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pink salt and Edamame

Organic Edamame and pink local salt.

It's no surprise because we have a salt lake around here...Salt lake city...
You can get amazing and tasty salts of beautiful colors like pink and black.
I love eating Edamame with a fancy coarse salt.
Healthy and pretty!
Do you eat Edamame?
By Isabelle Thornton

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One box at a time

Settling is coming slow still. Doing the laundry, sorting it. Cleaning the kitchen and the hundred of things I still have to do with 4 kids non stop is still a daily routine. Each box emptied and put in the recycling is a small triumph in my eyes. I love this house and I am so grateful. I am not buying anything and some days are like Christmas when I open a box and find something I haven't seen for 4 years or when my Antique mirror looks perfect on my mantel and I haven't used it for as long.
Hope you are having a splendid week.
By Isabelle Thornton

Monday, September 15, 2014

Beautiful pumpkin and Monday party

Sorry about the late start. I haven't slept very well this week and I don't know where my brain went.
Hope your week was super. My favorite from last week:
Beautiful pumpkins from Ornate splendor. I love the different colors she has and the bling.

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 By Isabelle Thornton

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

21 day fix for FREE

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Contact me at to get 21 day fix for free. My ID coach is isabellethornton1.

Have a wonderful weekend!
By Isabelle Thornton

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Sister's Tee photoshoot Rise above Tee, Dolman

I really love this look and the Rise Above Tee. I modeled for My sister's Tee for their Fall fashion. Very fun shoot with Virginia Roberts Photography and makeup by Gentri Lee.
I am a little sad for summer to be over but exited for jackets, long sleeves Tees and boots.

How do you like this cute video?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dating time and Thursday Throwback

This is a picture of us when we were dating. My hair was amazing and curling perfectly. I could eat anything I wanted and I would never get fat. LOL
Russ had sideburns.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our garden and big plans

 A little tour of our yard because it's going to look amazing when I am done with it. The last time I had a yard I turned it into a beautiful cottage garden and it was a master piece!I have grand plans for this one and I am so thrilled!
As you can see the front:
Good: 3 Iceberg rose bushes.Those are about 3 years old and it looks like the one on the left is a climbing bush. I will train it to go on the column. My Angel statue is gorgeous on the right side and my weathered pot also. You can see a little iron bench under the window. Didn't buy it and it's great there.
Bad: Those boxwood bushes are dying, no shape to them. The skyrocket junipers are at the wrong place and they are in bad shape too. 
There is no side fence.The flower beds are gone. It's all grass and plants.
The back of the house:
 Good: Sprinklers are in.
The yard is in the smaller size but still big enough to have a trampoline.
Bad: No back fence. The grass is a done yourself bad job. bad grading. Weeds and holes.

 Bad: No sprinklers on the sides or grass.
Good: Perfect spot for a veggie garden.
 Good: We have already a great barbecue grill. Dirty but great.
 Good: Great patio chairs and round table waiting for a big umbrella.
 Good: I got this cement bench for my birthday one year. Durable, French and beautiful.
Bad: those stairs are weird and not attractive but Oh well, they serve their purpose.
Good: My babies don't care. LOL

My plans:
Flower beds, 
Rose garden,
Veggie garden,
Sitting area,
Fire pit area,
Finishing the Fence,
New plush grass in the back,
Fruit trees,
French inspired garden,
Cutting flowers,
Fairy garden,
Potting area,
Swinging bench?
I know it seems like a lot but French gardens are famous for having rooms feel gardens and using each inches for a purpose.

What do you think? Any ideas for me?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where are the teens?

You know it's always like that. You find the perfect place but it's not always perfect with everything. You just can't have it all. There is few things that this place doesn't have: Big yard, rights to have chickens and Teens...Teens? Yes, it's very hard. I am glad Mimi got new friends at school and she is doing very good but the Teens are missing at Church and in our street. It's mostly small kids and babies. We are praying that more girls her age will move in the neighborhood and at least she can still hang out with the girls from our last area. It's not too far. Yes, it's weird...I was not expecting this one at all...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Athletes guide and printables for Mom. It's a Link party.

How was your week? Getting more and more settled in the new house and taking lots of pics. Sharing the same party as last week.
Here are my favorites from last week:
Loved this ATHLETES GUIDE TO FOLLOWING YOUR HEART Go Go mountain girl. Just exactly what I needed to read.
Bacon time with the hungry Hypo has great printables for Moms. I know this to be true...One day they will not be small anymore...

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 By Isabelle Thornton

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our new white kitten with blue eyes

 The minute we moved into our new house we got a cute white kitten with blue eyes. The kids named her Elsa (from Frozen...). She is super adorable. Makes eye contacts and is very tiny. She loves to cuddle and after few days already responds to her name. It's a party at our house. Everybody wants to come over and hold her. She has been sleeping thru the night and it makes me very happy...I need my sleep, thank you.
Our white kitten with blue eyes is wearing an Oh Joy party hat from Target in the picture.
Hope your weekend is great!
By Isabelle Thornton

Monday, September 1, 2014

DIY pumpkin soap and plum tart features and Monday party!

How was your week? Sorry about last week. I wasn't able to blog before we moved. We have been in our new house for 1 week now. I love it!!! Thanks so much for linking! We had great posts. Here are some of my favorites:
The best plum tart recipe from Make mine lemon looks amazing and has a french twist with the almond paste.

I think these DIY Pumpkin Scented Loofah Soaps from Bacon time with the hungry hypo are amazing, smart, and a super gift! I would love one. Great DIY.

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 By Isabelle Thornton

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beachbody coupon code for labor day

You have the whole Labor day weekend to order! My coach group ranks 34 out of 205000 teams. We offer great support and groups on Facebook to help you succeed !
Labor day sale at Beachbody. Go to: use discount code LABORDAY2014 to get 15% your total order. Great time to get the workout video you wanted or Shakeology! Have a super weekend!

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