Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My favorite French Urn and flowers

I bought this Better Homes and garden French Urn years ago. Maybe 6 years ago. It has weathered very well on it's own and the brown paint started to peel away. This is one of my favorite pieces. 
I planted Verbena, Bidens and Calibrachoa. In the back is Sweet Basil and Chives as a background. I love planting herbs in a pot with flowers. They always do very good. The spiky plant in the middle is Dracaena. My sprinklers water the pot on my cement landing. I have a hard time not forgetting to water it by hand. I am just too busy. 
How is your garden growing?

This is where I am shopping this Summer:

Monday, July 21, 2014

House beautiful French outdoor, lace cookies and Monday link party

How was your week my friends? Mine was very busy with the kids of course. THANKS so much for linking last week! Link anything you want! Xo
Simply Vintageous is having a roundup of outdoor decor from House beautiful. My favorite is this one above. Very French Country. My must copy one day! 
Make mine lemon has this lace cookie recipe. I really want to try it. Have you had lace cookies before?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Girly girl

I hanged my big black mirror and the kids love it especially Soleil who is a very girly girl and only wants to wear dresses and my shoes.
Every morning she wants to wear a dress. ANd ONLY a dress. She is my only girl to be so girly.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday and Jefra Linn photography

 That time when I was a model for Nichole V and Jefra Linn photography took a picture and I didn't know it was her until I saw the picture. Pretty cool! She is a very famous photographer in Utah.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitchen makeover and link party

Hope you guys had a great week. Thanks so much for linking.
I really love the kitchen makeover at Simply vintageous. This takes a lot of work. Go see the before and all the other pics.

Link back to my blog. Thanks!

Friday, July 11, 2014

1 Million views on Le chateau des fleurs blog

This blog Le chateau des fleurs just passed the 1 million views mark and I am very grateful. I started years ago when I had to surf around to find blogger friends and when commenting was a big part of blogging. Before the social media was big and blogger who had money would be in the news paper and on TV. I learnt blogging the hard way with hours and hours of social networking and no money. Later linking 2 hours a day to any link party out there. Then Facebook, twitter made my blogging easier when I was stuck and sick like a dog in bed pregnant with my 4th baby. Blogging has changed a lot. I got great support from strangers with big hearts. I made priceless friendships along the way and started my business: Mommy blogger SEO.

Blogging has been a blessing. Being from France, very shy in the states and finding it hard to make good friends and not fitting very well. I belonged in the world of blogging. I find acceptance, encouragements, love and support. 

My blog also has been my place to prove myself to the world, to show who I was, what I loved doing and my talents. My love for my family and the fun we had. This is my journal to my children also. All the parties, places we lived, the happy moments.

Thanks you from the bottom of my heart to you my friends out there who have been following our journey.
By Isabelle Thornton

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday TBT and Nie nie

That time when I met Nie nie, Stephanie Nielson. I know you are jealous. She is such an inspiration and a wonderful mother.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trip to a cabin for the 4 th of July

Our cute little cabin on the top of the mountain 
My favorite thing of all time is to rent a cabin and spend time in nature. We went to the big cottonwood canyon on the 4 th of July.

The tired gang.

We hiked all day.
 A beaver cut this tree down

This little girl was running everywhere.

And being packed

The big cottonwood canyon is very beautiful. There is a lake on the top of the mountains and great trails. 

My husband says we finally got a family picture. That's why I need a photographer folks. 

We had a little party with a Boss cake, burgers and smore's

How was your 4 th of July?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alt Summit 2014 in Salt lake city

Martha Stewart talk

I thought I would talk a little bit about Alt Summit and what happened and my thoughts. It was really for me a great experience, I enjoyed all the classes and parties tremendously. Seeing Martha Stewart was a dream come true. I never thought in a life time I would be able to see her.

- After  blogging for so long I was not expecting to learn a lot in the classes but I did learn some new talents and I was exited about expending my blogging to a new level. I learned about videos and I think it would be fun for me to do some in the future.

- I would recommend to go to the classes you think you need and not to support the friends you know who are teaching classes. You will feel more accomplished. My first day I did so and except for one class I fell like I wasted my time. Although their classes was very interesting but not for me.

- I really enjoyed all the sponsor and their friendliness and you never know what the future holds...
- I am very shy and I wish I would have talked to more people and took more pictures of everything and myself. I felt like I would be silly to get my pictures taken by myself at the booth but really when do you get the chance to get your pictures taken in a beautiful background by a professional? I know I don't. My advice: do it!

Martha Stewart:
I really loved her talk and it's true: it takes a village to raise something or someone and it is important to get help from talented people in their fields.She is surely a very good speaker, beautiful and talented. A great business woman.

My toughts:
- I should have rented a hotel room for the conference. I missed half of it because my daughter had croup. She kept me up every nights. 
- I spent time with local bloggers and met some that I knew online for years and it really made me happy because I have a lot in common with them. meeting new friends that I instantly connected with was really refreshing.

Utah  bloggers and me.

Monday, July 7, 2014

4 th of July crafts, Minnie Mouse and TMNT. Monday link party

Thanks so much for linking last week! You are all amazing. Hope you had a great week. Link up!
A time for seasons shared her round up of 40 fun activities and foods for the 4 th of July. Something to keep. I am having something big next year. I will be prepared!

Such a Mama had a Minnie Mouse and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday party. Super cute for little kids! There is great ideas there.
Craftiment made this superbe Shabby craft: USA flag. So pretty!

Link anything you want.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July fitness goals

The month of June was quite interesting. I did very well but my baby got the croup and I was not sleeping at all then I was gone all day at the Alt conference. The week after that my daughter who is my babysitter went to camp. So I got 2 weeks with no working out. I still managed to loose 1 pound. I am 9 pounds away from my goal. Slow but surely.

For July I want to workout 15 days. It's very hard with the kids at home this summer and it takes a lot of will power to fit my time in. 15 hours seem doable to me.

14 days with no chemicals in my food. Have you read your labels? It is insane the amount of crap they try to feed us. Is there such thing as natural and out of the garden anymore?. In France there is no way we would put so many chemicals in our food. So for 14 days. If I can't understand the label it is not going in my body. Also your body stocks those chemicals because it doesn't know what to do with it sabotaging your weight loss.

1 gallon of water everyday. Still working on that one. I do pretty good but I want to make sure it is a priority.

No sugar for 14 days. This one goes with no chemical too. Only fruits and no sweeteners. No chocolate, no snickers, Very hard for me but really needed because the treats always get me.

Do you have goals for July? Make sure to tell me and even link your post in the comments. 
By Isabelle Thornton

This is where I shop:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shakeology review and Allie Darr beachbody coach .

On my back porch with a Shakeology shake in my hands. I like to serve it in a pretty Mason jar.

I have been using Diet shakes from the store to loose weight and although they help I have been cringing because they are full of chemicals and not that good for you.
 When you start your fitness journey you learn that the most healthy you eat and the faster your body get muscles and become lean. Allie from Table for more blog has been a friend of mine for years now and she is a beachbody coach. She is very successful at what she does and she has 4 beautiful small boys. She has helped a lot of people and transformed herself. 
 She send me a packet of chocolate Shakeology to try. I used it to replace my dinner meal.
I mixed the packet with 8 ounces of coconut milk like I would do with a protein shake. I filled my Mason jar and sipped on my back porch.
I liked the taste of the chocolate and it is not as good as the unhealthy ones from the stores but I still liked it.
It was easy to blend and I was full for the rest of the night.
I love those!! it is filled with good for you and natural proteins and vitamins.
You can contact Allie Darr on Instagram and she will help you find the right program that works for you. 
She has a special 7 day trials just for my readers and you can pre order with her by Saturday.
I highly recommend her!

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