Friday, September 16, 2016

Isabelle cosmetics by Isabelle Thornton

Hi guys! I started my own makeup line: Isabelle Cosmetics. I am super exited because I have very good and fun products. They are inspired by the eyeshadow palettes I have been using all summer but they are so in Fashion still right now, I will wear them all year long! 
Burnt peach liquid matte lipstick

I have 3 great liquid lipsticks and the colors are perfect and look amazing on everybody!

Isabelle Cosmetics: Cherry pie, warm cinnamon and burnt peach liquid matte lipsticks.

They are:
- Cruelty free
- True matte
- Long lasting
- Chocolate scented
- High end quality for drugstore price

Warm Cinnamon
Cherry Pie
Swatches of Burnt peach, Warm cinnamon and Cherrie pie.

They are super affordable. 1 for $10 and you get free shipping if order of 2. The set of 3 colors is $27.
I have had great reviews on Instagram with Makeup influencers and they are really picky!

This weekend I have a flash sale: 20% extra with code fall20 for US and International.

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