Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lately on Instagram

Got this Aqua green green house at Hobby Lobby. I'll start dwarf daisies in it for my front yard.
Little moments are the sweetest. My little girl eating her oatmeal and sharing my Shakeology shake. My Amaryllis from Christmas bloomed late. 
I selfie. Because sometimes when you are a Mom of a little kid, putting makeup on and doing my hair should be celebrated.
I have a stalker cat. Can I get one minute in peace in the bathroom?
Elsa again in my bathroom window.
First time at gymnastics. Pretty happy...
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Tea Cottage Pretties said...

Love the photos! Yes, we moms must celebrate when we have time for ourselves!! You look lovely. I haven't been by in some time but we are now settled in Korea and I am back to crafting!!! Hugs, Beverly

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