Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pot Smash App Review

I cringe when I hear dishes break in the kitchen as this happens at least once a week in my house with 4 kids. At the same time there is a certain joy that is derived from smashing dishes and hearing the cracking sound and seeing the glass fly. The Pot Smash app gives you the benefit of smashing dishes with no cleanup. The cool part about it is the app is for kids and teaches kids various lessons such as selecting matching pots. 

You have to act quickly because with the different challenges there is a timer ticking across the top of the screen that goes to zero if you do not see the matches quickly enough.

The app has 8 unique game modes:
Teapot Match-up - Smash 3 of a kind
Smash Typing - Type to smash
3 Letter Words - Find and smash 3 letter words
Smash 11 - Smash numbers that add to 11
Quick Smash - Smash pots in numerical order
4 Letter Words - Find and smash 4 letter words
Memory Smash - Memorize and recall
Zen Smash - Endless smashing

Here are some screenshots from my pot smashing adventure:

Enjoy this joyful pot smashing experience and get the app here:

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