Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Learn To Talk Flashcards App Review

When my 1 year old is all finished eating at her high chair, she raises both hands next to her head and tries to say "all done". It is the cutest gesture. Sometimes she does it just to see my reaction. I love my iPhone flash cards and yes, 1 year old children can use an iPhone. With the Learn to Talk flashcard app, she swipes through the cards and hears the words and sees the pictures. The words are pronounced with crystal clear English in a female voice and the pictures are bright with color. 

I have one in kindergarten also that loves the app. You can select different categories such as high impact words and 2 word combinations. The design is completely kid friendly and there is no instruction needed for your child to start learning the words and sounds. 

Here are some screenshots from the app:

There are 2 versions of this app. 
Learn To Talk First Words – Preschool,Kindergarten Flashcards:

Learn To Talk More Words – Preschool,Kindergarten Flashcards:


Unknown said...

How to learn kids new words with technology =)

PreciousPearlMakeup said...

love the idea... wonderful!

Heirloom treasures said...

The technology available today is amazing. 1 yr olds reading and speaking is so incredible.

Unknown said...

great apps! :)

Unknown said...

Whoa! You're so damn cool! You can make an apps :D

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