Thursday, December 20, 2012

Astroloquiz iPad App Review

Were you born the right sign? Does your personality match your sign? My 13 year old daughter asked me what being a Pisces meant. Both my daughters are Pisces. I had no answer for her. Astroloquiz is a super cute quiz app with amazing image design, voice talent and touch interaction. I took the quiz and although born a Gemini ended up fitting into the Cancer profile. Who knew???

Over 90 definitions of personalities are presented in a way that kids and adults can easily understand the meaning of personality adjectives.

Astroloquiz- Star Signs: shows each star sign and their respective positive and negative characteristics. 
Astroloquiz- Definitions & Discussion: there are also more than 20 though provoking discussion questions and a glossary of over 90 definitions with touch activated narration by professional actors and actresses.

Astroloquiz presents all this in the right fashion virtually guaranteeing a great learning experience for children at home or in school!

I absolutely loved the quiz, app interaction on the iPad and the education elements all through the app. This is a cute fun way to learn about you.

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Dayngr said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment! It's a fun one!

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