Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Central USA App review

I am a Mommy on the go from gymnastics, to doctor visits to preschool and all around chauffeur. I have small kids, so I love useful Apps to help me find things I need and even more if they are free.  Baby Central USA will help you find anything related to kids, babies and mommy hood. Maybe you are looking for a private school, Gymboree class, baby store or a park to let your kids run wild anywhere you are. Just enter the Zip code. Select what you want and check the map. 

Baby Central USA also has an Amber Alert page and videos about keeping your child safe. The cornerstone of the app is home injury prevention.  Did you know that 54% of hospital treated injuries in kids under 4 occur in and around their own home? The Baby Central USA app even has a digital house diagram, where you can select a room in the house, learn about all of the dangers in that room, and then how best to childproof against those dangers. There is also a video on how to install a car seat. Tricky one!  The app includes instructions on topics like infant CPR and will also notify me regarding dangerous product recalls.

I already found a yoga place and was able to call them directly from the App. Efficient you might say, because of course Mommy has to take care of herself too!!! I also found a museum we haven’t been yet and it’s on my list to do for this winter. I Love this app!

You can find the Baby Central USA App here and other great resources on their FB, Twitter page and website:


Martine said...

Great App!

Cindy Klein said...

You always have the best App reviews for Moms. I will check it out. I may get some ideas with what do with the kids this week!

Unknown said...

Just saying hi, i just followed you on Twitter. Looks like a very useful App.


Candy said...

New to your blog and loving what i see.

Unknown said...

I can use this too!

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