Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best French crepes and fillings recipe

I taught a French cooking class Saturday. It took me a whole day cooking at least 85 crepes for a crowd. It was a lot of fun and i really love cooking and sharing with others. I think it comes to me naturally. Crepes are very easy but you need to know some tricks like swirling the pan to spread the batter evenly, cooking on medium heat and buttering the pan after each crepes with the paper towel.  All cooks have their little tricks and i have been making crepes since i am a child. This recipe is perfect, the proportions perfect. I put it together and i hope you give it a try. Flipping the crepes in the air is always a happy experience with the kids and i have many memories of doing it. The lemon custard is a little short cut i made up. Of course you can make custard from scratch but in the states you have many things available to you to cut time. Using a pudding mix is one of them and i am highly satisfied with the result. Alright, i am sharing my little secrets. Cooking for me is a happy experience and i hope to be sharing my talents with more students in the future.

Isabelle Thornton Crepes recipe
3 cup milk,
4 eggs,
1/4 cup sugar or Agave nectar,
2 cups flour,
Pinch of salt,
1 Teaspoon Extract of choice (vanilla, Anise, or orange flower water )
Butter or vegetable oil for pan.

Whisk all the ingredients with an electric whisk.
The batter should be as a very light pancake batter.
The non-stick  pan should always be buttered or oiled. Do this with the paper towel after each crepe.
Use a small amount of batter and roll it around to make a thin layer of crepe batter. On medium heat.
With spatula, lift the edges when cooked and flip around.
You want a light brown color like when you cook pan cakes.
You can keep the unused batter in the fridge to make more the next day.

French Fillings:
Nutella and whip cream. Add Raspberries in summer.

Lemon custard: 1 box Lemon pudding mix. Replace the milk in the instructions by Half and half. 
Whip cream on top of crepe. (This is truly amazing! Add some lemon zest too in the custard, to die for. Hide it from the kids)

Granulated sugar. Sprinkle on top of crepe for crunchy texture when eaten.

Powdered sugar.

Jam. Orange marmalade is a French favorite.


squidword said...

Oh God I need those right now! I wish I could make them!

Unknown said...

Thanks Isabelle. Can't wait to try them! A new recipe for my cookbook! Yay! It's awesome that you are teaching these things.

babycatface said...

Mmmmm, I have to try it.

Oh Frenchy you told me about writting a post about you, I would love to but we have to talk for me to understand better how to do it. I'll email you, ok?

Big cat kisses.

High Heeled Life said...

Happy Thanksgiving mon ami!!! This sounds ohhhhhhh soooooo delicious!!

Those students were so lucky to have you teach them!! You are one of the most creative people I know. xo Blessings, C. (HHL)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much!! I had a lot of fun!

zhanna said...

Those looks so yummy!! Thank you for following me! I followed you back on both!! Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with your family!

Unknown said...

Looks amazing girl!!! I wish you could cook for me :)

Unknown said...

Num num i will have some!

Our French Inspired Home said...

Lookin good! Will certainly try these.

barkergirl33 said...

They look and sound incredible-I'm a disaster in the kitchen so wish me luck! :) ~Raine~

Unknown said...

#frenchcrepes hashtag

Bethany said...

I love this recipe! The crepes turned out delicious. Thank you so much for sharing.

tan said...

Did you use bread, multi-purpose, self-raising or cake flour?

Unknown said...

It is normal flour to make them. All purpose.

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