Friday, November 23, 2012

All in Yoga App review, 300 poses and Yoga classes

There is a Yoga passion going on around me. My hairdresser looks amazing. My friends are becoming Yoga teachers and travelling to Guru Seminars and talking a different Zen language.  Then I look at myself post baby and I want to jump on the wagon and be part of the fun. The only problem is that I am so busy and I don’t get to leave the house on my own very much so the gym is out of question.  As you know, I am a tech blogger girl addicted to my phone and iPad.  I have found this amazing Yoga App and I am totally crazy for it. I haven’t found anything better than this App.  I have been doing poses with my baby on the floor and I got a custom program just for me. I am learning and discovering so much and my body is craving for it! Also learn more at
The App includes:
- Useful 300 poses, each featuring photos, videos, and audio guides
- Over 30 breathing exercises for each level and breathing programs for relaxation and meditation.
- A detailed auto guide, photos, and timer of pose duration. It is available for all levels, from beginners to Gurus
- There are 20 yoga programs designed to help you improve your health
- A detailed auto guide, photos, and timer of pose duration. It is available for all levels, from beginners to Gurus
- Suitable for all goals: health, body shape, stretching, breathing, de-stressing, etc.
-      6 languages available.

I am sharing this with my yoga teacher’s friends as a great resource of poses and routine.  They can let me know their favorites programs and we can “Yoga bond”.  LOL
I like the sharing tool on Facebook and twitter also.

Run to get this App here:


Unknown said...

Looks just perfect for my mornings!
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I saw this on Facebook and i should start yoga too :)

Unknown said...

I can use this App or at least try. lol

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! Very good review and great pictures.

City of Hearts said...

I LOVE this yoga app! Actually I really love this app, period. Seriously, it's pretty much the only app I use on my iPhone. I have been using it almost daily for about 5 months and my husband and I are almost addicted to the changes that my body is experiencing! It's so easy to use and I really think is even better than going to a yoga gym because you can meditate and do your yoga anywhere, anytime you like. This morning, I did it on our freshly cut grass, with the delicious smell that was entrancing. My husband got me these super nifty wireless headphones that way, I can go completely into my zone, close my eyes, and block everything else out. Starting out, it's honestly really challenging for your body, and that's what motivated me to stick to it. I thought if I can just get to where I know some of the positions, in case I end up going to a yoga class sometime, I won't embarrass myself. Now, I am up to the intermediate/advanced programs, I have almost every single position memorized, and I don't ever plan on going to a yoga class, except the one in my own back yard, with my yoga app :)
CHEERS to good health!

Kelly said...

I've been eager to get into yoga - both for mind and body. This looks like a great way to get started. thanks for sharing!

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