Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dwarf Hamsters tale

The dwarf baby hamsters are ready to go to a new home. They are 3 weeks. Lola the diva has a crush on this little white one. She called him "Chubby". So this one is staying. Two already find a home and we have 4 left.
The kids play a lot with them and i have been very surprised how sweet those critters are. They don't bite (a hamster will bite you if you wake him up).
This is the funniest thing. The kids put lego guys in with them. They swarm and attack it. 

Bite and nibble on them.

Cracks me up!!! HAHAHA


KathyB. said...

I had hamsters for years when I was in jr.high and high school and every so often I toy with the idea of getting some, but I think that would be one critter too many for my husband. Boy I loved those hamsters. I had one I would take to school in my purse and another would accompany me to the pre-school I taught in. He was popular too.

I would have loved dwarf hamsters, your are sooooooooooo cute!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh!!! Mignons....j'adore les animaux! Tu as mentionné qu'on a des lapins? Mes préférés! Affiche un billet un jour sur tes lapins!!!

Bisous, Anita

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Simply beautiful. If you have time have a look here STAR!!

daisychain said...

OH so cute, I want one.

Jules said...

I love the expression on the legos face. So fitting after getting nibbled on.

Unknown said...

Kathy. That's so cool you take the hamster everywhere. How fun.
Oui je parlerais de mes lapins bientot!:)
Jules,yes i though so. Hilarious!

Legacy of Love said...

Cute little hamsters. We had hamsters in our early marriage years. Unfortunately also had a white husky/german sheppard whose main goal in life was to get those precious little souls. We were very careful to keep them safe and there were never any incidents. My husband loved giving them pizza crust which they would carry around in their pouch looking like they had these really pointy cheeks.

Wanted to chk out your blog, glad I did, very nice.I am now a follower.

Thanks for visiting mine (glad you liked the yarn; isn't it sensational?)

Great stuff your hubby invented (the GPS Amber Alert)thank him for us

Your in R.Redford land, aren't you?

God Bless,

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