Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our new white kitten with blue eyes

 The minute we moved into our new house we got a cute white kitten with blue eyes. The kids named her Elsa (from Frozen...). She is super adorable. Makes eye contacts and is very tiny. She loves to cuddle and after few days already responds to her name. It's a party at our house. Everybody wants to come over and hold her. She has been sleeping thru the night and it makes me very happy...I need my sleep, thank you.
Our white kitten with blue eyes is wearing an Oh Joy party hat from Target in the picture.
Hope your weekend is great!
By Isabelle Thornton


Winnie said...

She's absolutely adorable!!
I'm an animal lover and grew up with cats and dogs.
We have a black cat now (which I inherited from my Mom) and he's the king of the house :)

the cape on the corner said...

so cute! elsa is the perfect name for your snowball of a kitty.

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