Tuesday, August 19, 2014

3 day cleanse results

If you have been following my weight loss journey. The past 4 months have been super rough. I only lost 4 pounds. It has been so frustrating. This month I started Shakeology and last week I did a 3 day cleanse and I lost 3 pounds. I was super lazy and didn't even exercise. 3 pounds is big for me!!!

I have 5 pounds to loose to be before baby weight. So exiting!

I wished I had these tools last year but I am super happy now that I am a coach. Yeah I get the 25% off my Shakeology.

If you want to be a coach under me contact me at isafrenchy@gmail.com or go to www.Beachbody.com and click to become a coach. sign up with my email or coach number when asked: isabellethornton1
I get credit for it and I can help you coach if you want. If you buy the Shakeology and workout package,  the membership fee is waived. Super god deal! I love Piyo, 21 day fix and Brazilian butt lift workouts.
I am part of the best beachbody coach team ever! We are 38th out of 205,000 other teams.
I get 25% on your purchase.
The 3 day detox is awesome. Once a month gets you to loose weight fast. Shakeology for a month is 24 packets or 1 bag of 30 scoops. I get the packets. There are healthy meal replacements.

I do ot advertise anything that I don't believe in and I have to tell you this is the best and easiest plan for weight loss I have ever tried.

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