Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July fitness goals

The month of June was quite interesting. I did very well but my baby got the croup and I was not sleeping at all then I was gone all day at the Alt conference. The week after that my daughter who is my babysitter went to camp. So I got 2 weeks with no working out. I still managed to loose 1 pound. I am 9 pounds away from my goal. Slow but surely.

For July I want to workout 15 days. It's very hard with the kids at home this summer and it takes a lot of will power to fit my time in. 15 hours seem doable to me.

14 days with no chemicals in my food. Have you read your labels? It is insane the amount of crap they try to feed us. Is there such thing as natural and out of the garden anymore?. In France there is no way we would put so many chemicals in our food. So for 14 days. If I can't understand the label it is not going in my body. Also your body stocks those chemicals because it doesn't know what to do with it sabotaging your weight loss.

1 gallon of water everyday. Still working on that one. I do pretty good but I want to make sure it is a priority.

No sugar for 14 days. This one goes with no chemical too. Only fruits and no sweeteners. No chocolate, no snickers, Very hard for me but really needed because the treats always get me.

Do you have goals for July? Make sure to tell me and even link your post in the comments. 
By Isabelle Thornton

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Winnie said...

Good luck with your goals.
I do try not to eat to much chemicals, but I admit that I love sweet things so I do use sugar.

Unknown said...

I think raw brown sugar or sugar cane is ok. It's just more work to cook with it and also you have to use wheat flour. It's a hard one. I do have a sweet tooth.

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