Monday, December 2, 2013

week 24: weight loss journey

Week 21: Only 1 hour walking
Week 22: 20 minutes running
Week 23: 1 hour running. I thought it would be hard but even thought I was slow it was not hard. I guess I am really getting fit.
Week 24: 1 hour kickboxing and then I got sick. After tending to sick kids for 3 weeks and being stuck in the house pretty much, I got sick. GRRRR
My working out this month has been no good. I really need to get back on working out more. I think I have gained a few pounds and my body doesn't feel as fit. My diet has been no bueno either. I need to eat more healthy.
I started to fit some clothes I haven't fit for years, on a good note while some are still too small. I think my clothes are way too old too. I still feel like I can't buy anything new because I still have those few pounds to loose. The other day I went to the store to look for flannel shirts because I like them a lot and I am wearing my husband's...Super big on me. None would fit at the chest. It was kind of frustrating. I am still on the hiding mode and reach for cardigans and sweaters. A lot is in my head too. 

Now I want to talk about the week during the month when you have your period. AWFUL. Trying to workout during that week is awful. The cramps are awful. The soreness worse. That week completely is a struggle and a failure. I am bloated and all I want to eat is junk food. My friend said that yoga is actually a good workout for that week. I'll try for sure.

Next month: Lots of greens, more workouts. Positive thinking
How was your month?

By Isabelle Thornton

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