Friday, August 9, 2013

Ambling Audiobook Player Review

I am taking a long flight from Salt Lake City to Paris on Saturday and have been looking for an audio book reader to help kill some hours on the flight. I downloaded the Ambling Book Player app to my iPhone. You have the option to skip the login and go straight to the books. You can try the out the features without filling in any forms which I love. The app navigation is categorized into fiction & non-fiction and then any array of categories from Adventure to Mystery to Romance to Western and everything in between:

I ended up in the Drama category but not because I need anymore drama in my life ;) I even found a book called Elusive Isabel. Although I spell my name Isabelle I could not pass this one up:

The player lets you jump 1 min forward, back, 15 sec forward & back. The download file management is completely handled by the app. No searching for files, it keeps a history of last played books and lets you pick up right where you left off. You can even speed up the audio voice up to 2x. 

The app was easy to use, navigate and the audio voice was professional and very clear. The lite version is free and the pro version is $8.99. The app is available for smartphones on Google Play, Amazon and iTunes:


Jo said...

Thanx for the review. I've never tried listening to an audiobook before as I usually like to see the words. I'm more of a visual person ans I could easily tune out from my surroundings. I wonder how would an audiobook work on me.

Bellenza Bistro said...

Fascinating info...thanks! Wonder if I'll ever get over my old school love for reading REAL books?

Febby Aurora♥ said...

Let's join our giveaway!

Febby Aurora♥ said...

Let's join our giveaway!

Liz Albuquerque said...

sounds like a great app!!

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Great post!!

You have an amazing blog, hope you like mine too, it will be nice to follow each other!

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