Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Neon and sunset nailart for this summer

As you can see I am still having fun with my nails. Below are the nail polish I used. They are all pretty cheap and fun!

Sunset nails:
Main color is Sally Hansen complete Salon manicure 400 get Juiced (I warn you the polish will be darker than the color in the bottle. I was a little disappointed) Let dry . For the sunset I used  - bottom Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in 570 water color, Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear in 340 Mint sorbet, Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear in 360 Mellow yellow and 400 Get juiced again. Then I applied a top coat polish and with a paint brush started blending the colors together.I then let it dry and applied more top coats. 
 Solid color of Rue beaute! nail polish color 064 from Rue 21. This is a gorgeous orange Neon. Top coat polish on top. It smells like tropical fruit when dry.

I Used Rue beaute! nail polish 041 as a bottom coat It's a green Neon. Then made the spots with Sally Hansen 570 water color. Used a black Sally Hansen nail art pen around spots. My pinky is Hard candy 664 gummy green. You can find the tutorial for the cheetah on this post: Cheetah nailart DIY


Anonymous said...

Amazing mani :) Very beautiful colour :)

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Chara said...

This is fantastic!

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