Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bible Kidz App Review

My family goes to church on Sundays and technology is helping with my efforts to teach my children about the scriptures. I try to get them interested by reading and talking about them everyday. This App is very fun and focused on kids and can be used at church, in the car or at home.

Bible Kidz has 2 apps. One with games and one with puzzles. The 12 fun puzzles in this app are based on the beautiful illustrations in the acclaimed book Teach It to Your Children: How Kids Lived in Bible Days. The puzzles, which have between six and 30 pieces, depict scenes from daily life in Bible days. They are an original, meaningful, interactive way for kids from age 3 and up to plant Scripture ever deeper in their hearts.

The pictures are beautiful and the puzzles keep my children entertained and happy. Each puzzles open discussion on an event in the bible: Christ of course and his birth and life and Noah's Ark. 

Here are some screenshots from the Bible Kidz app:

Get the Bible Kidz app here for Android:

Get the Bible Kidz app here for iPhone:
Get the Bible Kidz Puzzles app here: Mention both the bible app and puzzle app


Anonymous said...

haha funny!

Unknown said...

so useful :)

Julie W said...

Looks like a great way to keep children entertained while learning a valuable lesson :)

Unknown said...

Wow! Puzzle game! :D
Nice app :D

Ashwini Prashanth said...

innovative :)

Mateja Novak said...

I love puzzle games. :)

Nancy Carr said...

A great gift and learning tool.

Jennifer Dysart said...

Cute! We always learn better when the learning process is fun!

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