Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Musaic Box HD App Review

My favorite apps are the apps that my kids can play as long as they want and I don’t feel guilty. I see too many shoot em up, racing and fighting video games that are not kid friendly. The right kid app must be educational, fun, kid safe and well designed. Musaic Box HD brings classical music into a puzzle oriented app game that teaches, inspires and enlightens with beautiful music. The artwork and imagery on the app are probably the best I have seen to date! And on top of this the app is fun and entertaining at every level!

You solve the music puzzles by piecing together classic music bits by ear. The music on the iPad is so clear and beautiful and you can get lost in the classic musical setting. Like I mentioned before, my kids can spend as much time as they want in this app. 

Here are some screenshots from my Musaic Box HD experience:

More from the app:
- 27 universally recognizable melodies.
- High quality graphics optimized for the Retina display.
- Different ways of solving every melody.
- 5 rooms with Hidden Object elements, in which you can find clues to solve the more difficult melodies.

Get this masterpiece of an app Free here:


Leslie said...

I agree.. it's tough to find things the kids can do that will expand their thinking. My son drove me nuts when he was young. It came down to setting timers because I couldn't get him off the computer, He (now 24) is working in the computer industry (gaming industry .. ha!)


Unknown said...

Leslie...Too funny!

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Unknown said...

Its look interesting app :D
Thanks for sharing :)

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