Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toddlers Flashcards App Review

I have drawers and little boxes of flashcards hidden around my house. My kids make them at school; we buy them at the store and plan to use them for homework and study time. With 4 kids my organizational skills are challenged daily. The flash cards are good for 1-2 runs and then they are bent, lost and mixed up with other flashcards. That is just the nature of flashcards or so was the situation before Toddlers Flashcards and my lovely iPhone.

Toddlers Flashcards lets you select a category of flashcards to install that will never bend, get lost or get ripped. Here are some screenshots and features from the app:

- High-quality, real-life pictures
- Native speaker voice-over
- Simple and intuitive interface: select a category, flip the pages. That simple!
- Over 20 different categories from “Numbers” and “Letters” to “Birds”, “Safari”, “US Presidents” and many more
- Over 4000 cards in multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Japanese)
- Ability to run the cards in slideshow mode
- Ability to turn audio (voice narration) on/off
- Ability to select your language of preference
- New flashcard sets and languages are easily discoverable from within the application

Get this well designed flashcard app for toddlers here:


Life Happens said...

Thanks for the review. I'm downloading it right now!

Unknown said...

I think i must download it now!

Unknown said...

amazing app :)

Lulu said...

It looks fantastic! I always loved flash cards!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review.
I just installed it for my 2 yrs old son and was pleasantly surprised to see the flashcards available in so many different languages.
Love the picture quality and the narrations.
Thanks again for the lead.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the lead!
I just installed the app for my 2 years old son and was very pleasantly surprised to see the flashcards available in so many different languages.
Love the quality of the picture and the narrations are great.
Thanks a again for the blog post.

Unknown said...

I installed the free sets and was really impressed. Decided to purchase the animals sets. It has the animal sounds for most of them which makes it so much more fun for the kids. Try it out!

Anonymous said...

Just found my kids going through a set of these beautifully done flashcard in Spanish language and repeating it out loud in a language that they've never been exposed too. Totally impressed.

akronugurl said...

i wanna try out this app!

Editor said...

Great apps, I love how it has a real photos.

Unknown said...

great apps!

Tammy Dalley said...

Great apps! Ill have to get this one on my phone,my boys would love this!

Natasha K said...

great app!

Ashwini Prashanth said...

Hmm flashcards were always the best way to learn :)

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