Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Get Happy ~ ways to increase your happiness App Review

Once again I am super energized to set and reach my new year’s resolutions. The typical resolutions always seem to re-appear for me like losing those last few extra baby pounds or more dates with my cute husband. Happiness is always one of the end goals I have in mind. The Get Happy app is a really fun and inspirational tool to make this year amazing.  Here are some screenshots:

Features Include:
✔ Learn skills to effectively deal with painful thoughts and feelings and provide clarity about what is really important in your life. This knowledge will guide, inspire and motivate you to make changes for a better life.
✔ You will receive a tip every day, similar to having a clinical psychologist nudge you in the right direction for raising your personal happiness.
✔ The tips are organized based upon four pillars of happiness: relationships, leisure, personal growth and work & education.
✔ A key feature is a self-rating system that prioritizes daily tips based upon areas in your life most in need of improvement.
✔ Get Happy provides psychological strategies in a portable and accessible way, perfect for even the busiest individuals'.

Get Happy was designed by a practicing clinical psychologist to deliver simple and effective daily tips. Because it is evidence-based advice, Get Happy’s tips are both relevant and highly actionable.

What I really liked was the self-rating system. It makes the apps and tips feel especially customized just for me. This is an app I will use daily and fully recommend!

You can download the Get Happy App here:


Unknown said...

I want to try this App! I am looking for resolutions this year and It looks like a great help!


Bridget said...

Is this available for andriod? I cant find it.

Unknown said...

this is great thanks for sharing x

Unknown said...

Sorry Bridget i don't see one :(

Betsy Barnes said...

This looks like it could really help with some of those resolutions. I'm going to check it out :)

Unknown said...

Definitely going to download this app! It looks really helpful :)

Sadi said...

Woww this is really helpful.
thanks for sharing. I will defo download this APP.I want to try this App!

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