Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mandala Meditation HD, iDeal paint HD iPad App review

Ok bloggers, I am talking about my yoga obsession again with a meditation yoga oriented coloring image App called: Mandala Meditation HD

Mandala, known as a symmetrical, circular or squared figure, often in flower, cross or wheel shape. The Mandala is known in many cultures. They are commonly used of Hindu and Buddhist monks, within tantric yoga while meditating.
How cool is that! The shapes are very intriguing and relaxing. You can share your pics to Twitter, Facebook or email them to your friends and relatives. I can use it and my kids too.
Get the App here:

This is another coloring App for children called : iDeal paint HD
The artist Mormor is the original art talent behind it.

Mormor has a whimsical black and white line, detail oriented style and humor as his art characteristics. He has worked with the Art Museum AROS, Koge Art Museum KOS, idoart.dk, gallery lunch money and more.
You can finger paint or pencil write or add to the pictures. The App let’s you share on Twitter, Facebook or you can email it.


Both apps bring the easy to use yet advanced paint techniques out of the iPad in a well formatted design. These apps are on my favorite list!

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Unknown said...

I will have to check it out! The meditation App seems intriguing!

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