Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cinema-Trix App Review

I am a photo junkie. I've got a million photos of my kids but I only keep the really good ones of me ;). I spend hours on Photoshop perfecting the cute kid pics for my blog, and Twitter posts and am familiar with all the standard photo effects. Cinema-Trix is nothing like Instragram or my favorite Bonbonpic app. The user interface is even completely different. It is a virtual noir interface and filter set of effects for your photos and videos. Some of my favorite pics:

It comes with all the essential Photo and video sharing options via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and email.

If you want to spice up your photo experience, this is a great app to do it! You can get the app here:



Unknown said...

I LOVE Apps for my pictures!! Cool! Thanks!

Jennifer Dysart said...

Wow! I love the flower one most, thank you for sharing this app, I love photo apps

Amy Orvin said...

Cool! I love the colors of these pics. Beautiful! Great Apps!!


Courtney B said...

gorgeous! would love to hang this up in my room!

an ika said...

i love the colors

Jill Myrick (jsc123) said...

My husband would enjoy this app. As he loves editing and creating with all of the photos that we take.


Unknown said...

My son will love this! I will buy him an itunes card so he can get it! Thank you!

Carolyn said...

that's really cool!!!


Very unique & artisty! I love it!

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