Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Discovering a fabulous artist : Tobi

I discovered Tobi's blog "The pink Pixie forest" a few years ago at Christmas time and I was entirely seduced by the beauty and magic of her creations. Beautiful crafted trees. I had never seen such thing before! A cascade of ornaments blending together in an amazing art. Tobi was also warm and friendly and we connected right away.
Sometimes you meet someone and they stay in your mind and you completely remember them even after years. She is an artist to remember and she has so much potential and talent!

 Tobi is a Dreamer, artist,Wife, Mother, ...Lover of nature, all the little things, fairies, pixies and elves. She says she has Pixie DNA (probably some Fairy and Elf as well) when she began mindlessly gluing her vintage rhinestone Jewelry on to bottle brush trees one day.

I asked her to tell me a little about her and she told me her goals.

Tobi's Goals:
1.To teach online classes on how to make my sparkly stuff like cupcakes and bottle brush trees!  I was already accepted to be a teacher at "Roses On My Table" online art school,and I am currently working on my video class on Bottle brush trees.

I would love to be a guest teacher at several Online art schools as well.

2.  Put together my ning site (I have one already called but I really don't know how to make it nice like  Jane davenport.

3.Get published in Somerset or some other popular craft magazine.

4.  Have my trees sell for really high prices on ebay!

Basically, be as successful with my art teaching as I was as  a celebrity Makeup Artist and Educator!

I still do fun makeup shoots and  weddings and write curriculum for beauty schools, but I really LOVE the arty thing- shabby, chippy paint, sparkly stuff and anything FRENCH!!! lol
I would love to have a thriving business from my computer so I can live up on top of a mountain and only come down when I travel to do workshops!

There is my makeup artist bio on

"Life happens, Sparkle Anyway!"

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