Monday, November 12, 2012

Tapatap Candycloud iPad book review

Candycloud by Tapatap is one of the most magical and fun child stories that I have seen on iPad. I couldn't take my eyes off it and neither could my kids. The professional design, fun child graphics and well planned interaction on the pages left my imagination engaged. I enjoyed the experience. I have actually been looking for books for the kids for my iPad. Reading 20 minutes a day with my 2 youngest is quite challenging at times, running to the library, digging the house upside down for lost books. It is nice sometimes to take a break from the weekly trip to the library. 

I really like this book for many reasons: It is in French and English (I adore the French) and by the way the French voice is especially pretty. The first page is amazing with a zoom on a child’s bedroom and book. The music is very lovely and the moving graphics and images are excellent. The interaction is fun, from swiping to taping with real page flips. I love the candy floss and yummy colors. It is such a fun story with the candy cloud floating, cute birds and lyrics. Such a professional design and nice bed time story also. My youngest loved it and I give it a 5 stars.
You can see the Candycloud and other book titles on the Tapatap website:
You can also preview the book on these Youtube clips:


Elaine Martin said...

The pictures look so pretty!!!

Be a sweetie,

Cindy Klein said...

Do you recommend this book for my 4 year old? I was looking for bedtime stories...

Julia Baker said...

On my way to check it out. The videos are super cute.
Have a lovely week,


Diane huskies said...

You always have great App reviews. Keep them coming.

Your family is so cute by the way :)

Francine Bellarde said...


Maddie Leon said...

I love that it is in French too. Did you get my email? About the giveaway on December 1st?
See ya!

Carla Owen said...

I got the App and i sure think it's adorable.

Patricia Collins said...

Oh Cute!!! I was looking at your tarte recipe and i am pinning it to Pinterest. I think it would be delicious for Thanksgiving.
Your App reviews are great!

Sparkle said...

My son loves books. He can't sleep if we don't read him a "Histoire". That's good that's in french and in English because I could choose the language. My hubby is abroad and he likes to hear English because he misses him so much. Thank you for sharing, I'll download it later ;)

Isabelle Thornton said...

Cindy, yes it is perfect for your 4 year old. great bedtime story. Thanks for the visits. XO

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