Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do you make money with a blog? Do i make money with my French blog?

I have few friends asking me if i make money with my blog. I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years now for up to 3 hours a day and you would think that it would feed my family.
The truth doesn't. This could explain why so many blogs do not make it more than 1 year.
I make about $10 a month...Hahaha...Maybe i should get a night time job!
So how do i only get that little with 24 000 views a Month?
Well, people take bloggers for granted. Everybody wants free. Giveaways for free. Posts for free. They want to give you something for you to blog about them.  They want to give you traffic in exchange. It appear that i always give more traffic than i receive. It won't pay my bills, let me affirm it.

I blog to Journal my family life and my creations, recipes, crafts and home decor. I know my kids will love to go back to it someday. I also take it at a resume.
I can make pretty much everything, although i am not a good writer, i am a very good public speaker! I know, right, who would have thought.
I am hoping my blog will land me some day a pretty cool job like having my own Utah show like Martha Stewart...any offers?
Anyways, my blog keeps my mind and hands busy and make me happy.

I also made some great friendships. Priceless.


The Tablescaper said...

I know the feeling. So much work, not much income. I'd have a problem if my blog was my only income source.

- The Tablescaper

Unknown said...

I like blogging at work... blogging is something I enjoy, and I kinda feel like I'm getting paid to do it that way LOL! I've tried blogging at home, but it just makes me cranky because there are so many other things I *should* be doing, you know? I think blogging is like therapy for so many. and it's cheaper than that, so that's a plus too :)

J Rodney said...

I have actually been amazed at the income possibilities, and I love being able to set my own hours and be my own boss.

Anonymous said...

I earn too much at my day job to ever quit and write a blog. I can see some people using this as *income*, unless you're the cowboy what's her name,'s just not worth it.

Insurances, paying into need a real job for that.

Still, probably a good job for the stay at homes who just....stay at home.

Sparkle and Co said...

Un blog, c'est beaucoup de travail, beaucoup de drague et beaucoup de bouche à oreilles! J'aimerais gagner de l'argent avec mon blog mais il faut que je sois un peu plus assidue... Ca va venir, c'est pas mal d'organiser des giveaways et blog hop. Ton blog est beau, le contenu aussi et ça donne envie de revenir. Un peu de patience, ça va venir ;)

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog the past couple of years and getting to know you and see your beautiful family grow. You are so creative, it would sure be an added bonus for you to earn some income from it! Keep living will come.

Unknown said...

Merci beaucoup, thanks so much for the encouragments. It really helps on hard days.

Judy said...

I don't understand. Do you feel that your followers don't give back or expect something for nothing?

Unknown said...

Oh no Judy, not my followers but businesses who want me to advertise them for free. I get those emails everyday.

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