Friday, January 6, 2012

best of 2011, the lost pictures and the funny things she says.

The best "I wear a bra too"

The best "This is my normal face and attitude. I am a vampire"

The best "I am Harry Potter"

Few pictures from my phone :)

Here is what my 4 year old was up to this week:

Fairy: how long are we going to stay on this planet?


Fairy: combien de temp allons nous rester sur cette planette?


Me: Fairy, have you been using daddy's perfume?
Fairy: no, I smell like that. 

Moi: Fairy, tu t'est mis du parfum de papa?
Fairy: non, je sent comme ca.


Cranberry Morning said...

Fun, fun post! Have a wonderful weekend, Frenchy. :-)

Chyrel Gomez said...

Happy New Year, Frenchy! Wanted to do an outline of my 2011 but it's too time consuming.

squidword said...

those pictures are absolutely adorable!! i wish you the best!!

Debby said...

That Fairy is just the cutest. I think it's great she is bilingual.

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