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Getting Creative: Super Mario Cakes For the Perfect Birthday Party

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What's the most important part of a good birthday party? Well that point could probably be argued for hours but most will agree that a good birthday can often separate a memorable birthday shindig from a forgettable birthday sham. When you're trying to think of how you want your child's cake to look, don't be afraid to think outside of the box. For themed parties, there are Super Mario cakes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cakes and Dora the Explorer Cakes. For sports fans, you might want to consider baking a confection that commemorates your little athlete's favorite professional jersey. The possibilities are really endless. Here are a couple of my favorite ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
Combining toys and cakes might seem like an unappetizing proposition but there is a way to make it work. A lego cake is a creative and delicious option that your party animals will probably love. It's also a pretty easy recipe. First, freeze a few various sized poundcakes. Then place various sized marshmallows on top of the poundcakes to create the interlocking tops of the lego pieces. Coat the cakes and marshmallows in bright powdered sugar frosting and let sit for an hour. Voila! You've got a delicious alternative that your kids probably haven't seen at every other party they've been to this year.
Using fruit in your recipe is great for two reasons. Fresh, brightly colored fruit can add a lot of pizzaz to your child's cake and also provides a healthy alternative to just dumping candy all over your creation. One super fast healthier option is to use yellow cake mix to create the cake layers, fill the gap with vanilla pudding and use strawberry icing to coat the outside. Garnish the top of the cake with strawberries and vanilla wafers and you've got a cake your kids will go gaga over.
The key to creating the perfect cake is to think outside the box. Don't rush into the endeavor planning or making the same old yellow cake with chocolate icing. Put some thought into your creation and help make your child's birthday one they'll never forget.

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