Monday, August 8, 2011

Confessions of a video games player

I have a confession to make. Not one you would expect. In fact, no one ever expected it, when i was in the center of it. 
It all started when my son turned 3. I was at home with him all day and i started getting very bored. 
I have always been very good at video games which made it very fun. Winning is always a fun thing.
I started playing Guildwars during my son's naps. It is an interactive game online with real players.
I first was a warrior with a hammer...pretty powerful after few months too!. I mastered few characters after that. I was a very good monk. Great Elementalist.  

I loved my pets...

My name as a warrior was isafrenchy. My pet was Cocochanel. The guys would make fun of my pet until they find out that i was a real girl...Actually i think they never believed i was a girl.
I find myself with a lot of friends... virtually... They were always there to go kill a dragon or do an hard quest.
I felt well accomplished... finishing 3 discs of quests. I could master all the spells very well and started perfecting my attacks.
At my one year Anniversary i was given a little dinosaur as a pet for a gift and...i notice something...really scary...
The number of miles my characters had run. It was a lot...I thought... if i would have run those you know how my body would look like? 
I would look like my character.

Then, i learned that my best partner was not a girl but a 13 year old boy, i had played with him for a year...Quite confusing...
I thought of all this time i could have spent getting real life friends and i felt sad.
I stopped playing.
I still miss it sometimes.
I miss the adrenaline, the adventure. Not thinking about my problems. 
The beauty of the graphics, the laughs and feeling like you are on the top of the world.

I wanted to invest in my real life. I got my nickname Frenchy from my warrior character.

This is what i learned about video games. When adults play. They have to decide on their own not to play. It is an addiction and until they see, that they can spend their time more productively. They won't change. 

What is your experience with video games?
What do you think?


claudia b said...

that's awesome! i play World of Warcraft, although it's been a few weeks since I last played - love it!

Unknown said...


DIYbyDesign said...

I will get addicted to a game and play until I solve it. Then I won't touch the system for months. My kids love that I want to play these games with them so it's a win/win.

Julie Harward said...

I have never played them...and I would say that it has to be better than soap opera's! LOL ;D

Momma Button said...

I don't generally play video games, but the males in my house do. I do, however, spend way too much time blog stalking.....choose your poison.

Jacqueline said...

Fortunately when my kids were little, I tried a few games and was so bad that I never cared to try again. Sounds like if you are good it can be very addicting. Now my little 4 year old laughs at me if I try to play with him (I am that bad) so I still haven't improved and still am not too tempted!

I enjoyed reading your post though!

Mikey Fuller said...

Have you ever watched "The Guild" It is a short TV show, you can watch on HULU for free. Episodes are under 10 min. It is about a group of online friends that play a video game and get to know each other in real is very funny!

Unknown said...

I have a whole new level of respect for you, Frency. Not just for being a gamer, but for being able to step back voluntarily.

I've recently had to force myself to stay off the computer between certain hours on weekdays. Otherwise I don't get anything done. Although, I will say that after a very long week of hosting a TON of out-of-town friends, God of War is just what I need. What can I say? After a hard day at work there's just something comforting about ripping a cyclops' eyeball out through the top of his skull.

Still, here's to cutting back on the tube time. :)

Michele Smith said...

I am a gamer too!!! I am big into Halo games. My husband and I play everyday online, Halo Reach that is. My son plays also. I love to kick butt!! I even play all the lego video games with my favorite being Harry Potter.
My husband even bought me for a birthday one year a two in one game system with nintendo and super nintendo. I LOVE IT!!!
Sooo many people would never guess I am a gaming nerd. *blush*

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