Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TRON: LEGACY Official Trailer # 3

I was so exited when i saw that Tron Legacy was PG !
The whole family saw it and we loved it so much !
I saw the first one when i was a kid and it was big at the time. I even had a poster in my room.
This movie i think is my Favorite of 2010.
i want to see it again and this time in 3 D.
Loved the story, special effects blew my mind ! Good Good !


The StarFire Witch / Bald Girl said...

I saw this last week in 3D... was amazing!
I too remember the original ... I actually watched it fter Tron Legacy just for fun. Oh my how graphics have come along.
oh and I forgot how cute younge Jeff bridges was in the original teehehe.
Though I admit, Sam totally had my approval lol.
I want to see this again as well.

Allie said...

I am glad you liked it, my husband went and loved it! I of course stayed home with the boys haha!!! Hope your having a good week!!

Julie Harward said...

I want to see it too and I also heard that True Grit is very good! :D

Unknown said...

Starfire...I need to see the original !!
Mommy Gator...Oh i would love to go with you, you need to see it !
Julie...I will check True Grit...
Hugs to all !

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