Monday, February 8, 2010

Puppy love

My first experience with a puppy was a nightmare. For 7 long months i tried to potty train her. to no success. It was really hard on me but i had to let her go.
Then when i had the desire to get a dog i was terrified but knew it would be ok.
We went to the pound and find Zacky, a perfect and potty train little Maltese mix. Then i realized....This is how a dog is supposed to be.
Then we got Teddy for free. A pure breed Golden retriever.
He stays mostly outside and in the garage. I train him, little by little because i want him to be an inside dog. The yard is my LIFE SAVER.
My house also has no carpet, only hard wood floors and hard floors. It makes a big difference with bloody noses. Birthday cake stolen from the fridge and smashed on the floor (oh yeah).
Potty training anyone.
It was really hard to let him cry in the garage the first 2 night. But i did it.

so what i am trying to say is, you can have a dog. Right now a lot of people have to leave their house and give away precious and trained animals. You don't have to feel bad also if you had a bad experience with a puppy. It's OK. You can always learn how to raise a puppy. Just take it slow if you have kids. Have a yard too. XOXO
And another thing...I watch the dog whisperer. It is amazing when you know dog behavior how much it makes a difference...

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