Monday, February 8, 2010

Morning at the coop

In the morning we go check on the chicken and get the eggs in our Jammies. The dogs come with us.
The red hen on the far left is Mango. She lays dark eggs.

Our hens are really sweet...I hatch them last spring with an incubator. I even helped Mango come out of her shell. :)
I can reach for the eggs from the door. I don't have to step in. Yes Mango laid.


Amanda Griffith said...

I love this! So charming :)

Julie Harward said... more does one need? Life is good! Come say hi :D

Melita said...

Oh my! I have been dreaming of getting a henhouse for ages now and can;t wait to get a flock of my own. Looks like you have a wonderful little flock :)

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