Friday, January 23, 2009

Master bedroom on a budget

The bedroom should be your refuge, so i think that starting with your master when you put together your house should be the first thing you do. I wanted a tranquil, romantic, simple, aqua blue bedroom. I started with the aqua blue on the ceiling, the bed, a French reproduction(300$ at Then the chairs(Jc Then the bedding, clearance at Walmart. The pillows, at Target. I bought the picture in a thrift store 8 years ago, the frame was Burgundy, i spray painted it gold. Surprise! it goes in my room. I guess, if you go with things and colors you love, you will find the use. The screen is from my husband grand-mother. his grand-pa got it in China when he was a soldier. It was a weeding gift for grand-ma. When grand-ma passed away, my husband's Dad gave it to me. It made me cry. So this is my favorite piece in the room. The colors are Aqua blue, chocolate brown, white, gold and off white.

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The good stuff in life said...

I just love your bedroom. It's so pretty. Wish my room looked that good. You should be decorate my home.

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