Thursday, October 2, 2014

White roses crown DIY

I finally took some pics of my kids for this summer. I used the Iceberg roses that grow in my front yard to make the crowns and they wore white shirts or dress. This is very easy to do and very inexpensive. You can also make them with any other flowers for a different color palette and feel. Great little craft. I spent around $3 for this. The girls loved helping me and wearing them.

White roses crown DIY

You will need:

Flowers with stems
Florist tape
Florist wire

Place the wire around the person's head to see how big it should be and tie 2 wires together making a crown.
Cover the ends of wires with florist tape
 Place your flowers one stem at a time and wrap the florist tape around them securing them to the crown. The florist tape only sticks to itself.
Go around the whole crown or just the front and sides. Keep the leafs on the stems they make the crown look fuller. Great for a photo shoot or party or to go with a gorgeous dress. Make a flower crown and enjoy the flowers before  winter takes them away.
By Isabelle Thornton

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