Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Simple Monsters Inc party

 You'll have to wait for the Halloween costume pics but yep this years it's all about monster's and Monster's Inc except for few rebels in the bunch who wanted different costumes. I am big fan and I use to watch the first Monster's Inc. film when Mimi was a baby. I got the CD last week and the younger kids saw it for the first time. Pretty fun. I had a cold last week so the party was pretty simple. Like I always say: It's better than nothing and it doesn't have to be fancy. I just do it as a family.

I got California rolls because in the movie they go to a sushi restaurant and it doesn't have raw fish for the kids. They could get grossed out otherwise.

Fancy cupcakes from the grocery store and I added Monster's Inc gummy eyes on top. Yes, that simple!

Small Monsters pops. Less is more. LOL
Hope you are making memories and having fun with your kids and loved ones. Have a super week!
By Isabelle Thornton

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Winnie said...

Those photos with the kids wearing funny hats are sooooooooo cute!
We don't celebrate Halloween but have a similar holiday coming up in a few months. I'd looooooove on of these hats to wear :)

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