Saturday, August 9, 2014

Welcome to my fantasy house: Ikea

How do you like my closet?
 I always said that I could live at Ikea. I have been going to Ikea with the kids, I love the 1+ mile walk. LOL It tires them out and I love the rooms and inspirations. We are getting a new home and we have no furniture. Ikea is very affordable and I have some pieces picked out already. Let's take a tour!

 They have beautiful kitchens.
This table setting is my favorite. I love those chairs and they are $49 each.

 I love the canopy in this room.
Great master bedrooms too. 
 They have amazing organization ideas.
Great closets. Those shoe organizers are the best!!!
 I got great inspiration from this craft room space/family room. It would be perfect for my new basement!
 The couches are so comfy too.
French inspired chairs and table. My favorites!
I noticed a lot of darker walls. This room is super! Love Origami birds hanging from the ceiling.
I love their fun light fixtures.

I really love this paper holder and paper roll from the kids. My kiddos love drawing and this is super smart and inexpensive. I was invited to a blogger event at Ikea and given a gift card. I bought these and a Jug, very French by the way. I always have fresh flowers in my house and those are perfect!

Do you like Ikea? Any favorites?


Unknown said...

I love Ike a too!!!! Omg...those shoe organizers are awesome. Thanks for sharing! What an exciting time it is in the life of your family, Izzy.

Lynda Bergman Decorative Artisan said...

What fun to be furnishing a new home. Keep us posted.

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