Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trip to a cabin for the 4 th of July

Our cute little cabin on the top of the mountain 
My favorite thing of all time is to rent a cabin and spend time in nature. We went to the big cottonwood canyon on the 4 th of July.

The tired gang.

We hiked all day.
 A beaver cut this tree down

This little girl was running everywhere.

And being packed

The big cottonwood canyon is very beautiful. There is a lake on the top of the mountains and great trails. 

My husband says we finally got a family picture. That's why I need a photographer folks. 

We had a little party with a Boss cake, burgers and smore's

How was your 4 th of July?


Unknown said...

Awe. I love this. It looks like Soooooo much fun. Beautiful scenery! Your babies are all growing up so fast! My birthday is 4th of it's always really fun with all the fireworks.

Bcteagirl said...

LOVE the cabin, that is so very cute!

Unknown said...

wow,such a nice place!
And you all are so sweet!
I need go travel sometimes and I can find myself...
sweet family,sweet smile,love and send my kiss to you

your lovely Poppy:

Jillyn said...

Such gorgeous views, and everyone looks so happy :) Glad you enjoyed yourself!

My 4th was boring by comparison, we grilled out and then went to the beach for fireworks.

Winnie said...

The scenery is spectacular !!
You obviously had a wonderful time :)

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