Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The great doctor on Netflix review

Another back in time show with great costumes and story. I really liked that the characters had powers. Lots of suspense. If you love action you will really like it. There is a lot  martial arts and lots of sword fights. This is a very proper series. I would not watch it with small kids because there is a lot of fake blood splashing around but that's just me. This is a drama of course so lots of crying...from me. lol

I really love all those shows were they put emphasis on feelings, emotions and attraction and not on sex like the shows we have in the states. Beautiful love story! It is also giving you a feeling on how hard it was to have power in old day as you always had someone trying to kill you to take over. Very interesting. 
It all starts when a commander goes in the future to bring back a "great doctor".You really have to jump in and see the series. Too good and I won't tell you more! Thumbs up, I loved it!
By Isabelle Thornton

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