Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cards Match Free App Review

Concentration is a card game I play with my kids in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. With 4 kids the concentration only lasts for a couple short games but the game is classic and is fun for adults and children. It sharpens your memory and is great for competition and education. We have candy prizes for the winner at our house.

The Cards Match Free app is a well-designed version of concentration. The options include cards with letters, numbers, animals and also different languages. Your youngest kids can understand the game concept and will love playing on your phone alongside your teenagers. It’s a game app that I recommend keeping on your phone at all times.

Here are some screenshots from the app:

Get this fun family game app here in iTunes:

Get the app here in Google Play:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Must have makeup and fashion for spring

I am so over winter, spring needs to come ASAP.
So dear friends my wardrobe and clothes are going springy!
Here are few must have and exiting makeup and fashion for early spring:

Teal cat eyes and bright lips:
 This is purely fashionable and goes with any eye color. I have blue eyes and usually I would not recommend blue eye shadow but here it works with the teal eye pencil or eye liner.

Urban decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Zero and Mainline / Gifted Amazonian clay smart mascara black / Urban Decay Naked Basics

To make my teal cat eyes I use a black eye liner first on the edge of my eyelashes like I usually do, then I apply the teal eye pencil next to the black pencil making sure that I end with a point at the outside of the eye. A bone color eye shadow all over the eye lid for day time, here Urban decay "Venus". Then apply your mascara.
For night time you might apply a darker eye shadow on the lid for a smokey eye like Urban decay "Faint".

Maybelline color whisper in 100 A plum prospect / Cover girl lip pencil 225 beloved bien - aimee

Bright lipsticks are fun for this spring. The whole line of Maybelline color whisper will do that.
Always use a lip liner for perfect pout

Fashion statement for spring:

Target floral scarf / Bag sold a my hairstylist's salon

- A great faux croco or snake hand bag. The big designers are crazy for it even with clothing. 

- A romantic Floral light scarf. Choose a scarf with colors that match your wardrobe already. A bright colored scarf is ok and very feminine as long as it is floral. Floral is going to be big this spring with dresses etc... I am exited for it!

Belle bird Teal Cardigan/ Belle bird Ocre Shirt/ Teal long necklace from shopko

- Teal again is big with clothing as well.

- Feminine ruffles and details like fabric flowers on this cardigan.
- Sunglasses. The sun is coming out, get them out. They are pretty and also an anti-aging tool. Less wrinkles on your eyes and forehead. If you live in Utah you wear them all year long because of the snow and lots of sunshine!

Sunglasses from Kmart / Floral Target scarf

Perfect for a sushi date at Mt. Fuji Sushi Bar and Japanese Cuisine in Sandy, Utah
SO delicious! I recommend it!

Are you ready for spring? Do you have snow where you are? Here it won't stop snowing!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Adopter App Review

When my friends were sophomore in high school they had a class that taught them how to raise a baby. They actually packed around a 10 pound sack of rice for 1 week and were required to keep it with them at all times. They learned all the basics of feeding, clothing and caring for a child. Yes, you guessed it; there is now an app for that and a very remarkable app. You can select your cute baby that does not look like a sack of rice. The baby grows, changes moods and can acquire things like a crib, playroom and toys.

Both my daughters are addicted to the app and check it constantly. They love the concept of taking care of a virtual baby and the life like requirements of a virtual baby. The sound effects are really cute. You hear splashing when you give you baby a bath for example.

Here are some screenshots from the app:

You can get this app addicting app here:

View the Youtube promo here:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Death by chocolate recipes and link party!

I am a chocolate addict so those are big on my list to make. For parties or dinner. Sure to impress!

Southern blue celebrations shared her white chocolate mousse in chocolate cups. 

Tartan taste in Texan shared her Scottish macaroons bars with cherries 

 Never ending decorating shared her chocolate candy fudge recipe

The best blog recipes shared her homemade peanut butter cups

And last but not least this great non-dairy chocolate mousse recipe by Our neck of the woods

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Children’s Spirit Animal Cards App Review

I was intrigued when I first saw this app. My kids love anything with animals but the app has a much deeper meaning than just cute animal cards and pictures. Children’s Spirit Animal Cards first plays soothing background music while you view the cards and then displays inspirational messages with each of the card. You shake your iPhone to display a new card. The card graphics and illustrations are beautifully done and the settings in the mountains and forest areas are excellent. 

I have included some of my favorite screenshots of the app here:

My kids loved shaking the app for each new picture and the messages contained wisdom and guidance for all ages of user.

The app is $0.99 cents to purchase and is worth every penny! Get this completely kid friendly and parent inspiration app here:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toddlers Flashcards App Review

I have drawers and little boxes of flashcards hidden around my house. My kids make them at school; we buy them at the store and plan to use them for homework and study time. With 4 kids my organizational skills are challenged daily. The flash cards are good for 1-2 runs and then they are bent, lost and mixed up with other flashcards. That is just the nature of flashcards or so was the situation before Toddlers Flashcards and my lovely iPhone.

Toddlers Flashcards lets you select a category of flashcards to install that will never bend, get lost or get ripped. Here are some screenshots and features from the app:

- High-quality, real-life pictures
- Native speaker voice-over
- Simple and intuitive interface: select a category, flip the pages. That simple!
- Over 20 different categories from “Numbers” and “Letters” to “Birds”, “Safari”, “US Presidents” and many more
- Over 4000 cards in multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Japanese)
- Ability to run the cards in slideshow mode
- Ability to turn audio (voice narration) on/off
- Ability to select your language of preference
- New flashcard sets and languages are easily discoverable from within the application

Get this well designed flashcard app for toddlers here:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sophie's Drawings App Review

For my birthday it is customary for my kids to draw me their best pictures. I love to receive them and they love my reaction to their careful and hard work. I also receive works of art on the iPad and Sophie’s Drawings is among the best for both learning to draw and cute drawn creations. 

Sophie has a magic pencil where kids can follow step by step and line by line to learn the basics and fundamentals of drawing. It is cute how Sophie sighs when you get it wrong and winks when you get it right. The stars instruct and help the kids navigate from each step to step. You have a toolbox of colored pencils and drawing board in the app that progresses with the child’s skill and delivers cute surprises upon completing each picture!

Here are some screenshots from the app:

Version 1.2 is the brand new universal version of the app and comes with special pricing today!

Get Sophie’s Drawings here:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SpellIT! App Review

I have 4 kids and my 3rd is just learning to read. My first 2 never had the chance to learn with apps. My 3rd is taking every opportunity to exchange homework time for educational app time. When she is on my iPhone she can spend as much time as she likes on the SpelliT app. The design is completely kid friendly and the app is designed with classroom learning in mind. 

The app starts out with easy words that are pronounced with crystal clear pronunciation and the child can then attempt to spell the word with the integrated kid keyboard. If they get stuck they can click on the hint button which gives them hints one letter at a time. They can also have the word repeated as often as they need. You can also build your own lists of words and record them. Here is a list of features and screenshots from the app:

- spelling quiz
- create your own quiz, perhaps on your favorite topic (sports, food, etc)
- full keyboard to make it difficult, selected letter only for beginners
- display the number of characters to make quiz easier
- built in quizzes for immediate entertainment
- errors are stored for easy follow-up
- 'hint'-feature helps users that get stuck
- post results on Twitter or Facebook and challenge your friends

You can get my favorite spelling app here:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Link party for Easter and Features

Dixie Delight share this amazing tic tac toe valentine printable. I am so making this next valentine's day.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Tarte cosmetics giveaway and review

Tarte cosmetics essential kit:
(This kit has travel size products)
-Tarte clean slate poreless 12-hr perfecting primer:
I only use half a pea of product and my face was smooth, pores refined. The gel dried instantly and did not react to my foundation. Amazing! Perfect!

Amazonian clay BB illuminating moisturizer:
This is a universal tint and I only used half a pea size. Great texture and my face looked radiant and healthy. The glow is very subtle. Perfect to wear in days when you don't have time to put makeup on. Alone or under your foundation. It has a little tint to it and gave me more color to my face. I really like this product!

Gifted Amazonian clay smart mascara:
This is a black shade. My eyelashes looked like they have no mascara on but are lush, dark and I was born with it! You can easily apply more than one coat and still no clumps, no smudges. Love this!

The products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, Phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrance.
Witch is very appealing to me!

  This giveaway is open worldwide. 2/15- 3/02
Next giveaway is March 1st.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Knit Fashion: Mixing patterns

We had a very cold and snowy winter so far in Utah. The kids have enjoyed sledding and me staying warm with sweaters, cardigans and coats.

I love mixing textures for knits. As you can see my lovely Ecru beret, scarf and cardigan all have different patterns. It makes my outfit interesting. I matched the scarf and beret to frame and make the focus on my face for the pictures. With a natural eye and rosy burgundy lips. I used a big curling iron just the traditional way.
What are your favorite things about winter?

Gorgeous headshots by Chelsea Peterson Photography
In Lehi, Utah
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Home decor Features, come link up!

 The little white house on the seaside shared some houses in Brittany...I heart this. Great designs don't you think? Do you have a favorite? This one is mine.

 Dixie delights always delights us with great posts. Her bedroom makeover is such an inspiration to me!

Entirely Eventful shared her video tutorial how to stencil a wall. I am sold! I can't wait to have my own house to do this!!

I hope you all had a good week. Here we have been sick and of course more snow. I can not wait for spring let me tell you! LOL

Thanks so much for linking to the party it's always hard to choose who to feature, you are all so talented!

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Saturday, February 9, 2013 26 A-Z Music Videos App Review

I love It is a trusted source for learning, education and is completely kid friendly. My 5 year old is learning to read in kindergarten and comes home with new letter and word assignments each week.’s new 26 A-Z Music Videos app is a perfect partner app to help her learn and recognize letters and new vocabulary. It has 26 videos with fun music, animations and new vocabulary for each letter. The videos are custom designed to promote easy and retained oral vocabulary and letter memory and sound recognition.

The app design is a lot of fun also. You can earn virtual tickets by completing a video instead of purchasing additional videos. All 26 videos can be learned by earning virtual tickets. This encourages kids to complete videos and all 26 letters. Each new video introduces a variety of music styles that make the letter learning unique and engaging for young learners.

Here are some screenshots from the app:

You can get this well designed learning app here:

Contact me at: