Thursday, November 14, 2013

Poop in the bath kind of day

This morning I was on the phone with my friend when I decided it was time to get clean. Some days I can take a 2 minute shower and the baby let's me do it. Not this morning, I had to take a bath with her and it really sounded good because it was kind of a chilly day and my muscles felt sore. A lot of lavender baby bath, bubbles and little bath toys and I was relaxing when I looked down and saw something brown under the water. Poop. I asked Soleil: "Did you poop in the bath"? She replies with "yeah" in her high pitch voice.  Oh great! So I drain the water and clean her up. Dress her and jump back in the shower while she is going around with a pencil she found somewhere. Drawing on all the wall. Oh boy. That is really a "poop in the bath kind of day" Roll of eyes.

By Isabelle Thornton

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Carla from The River said...

Oh no! What a day for sure. Good thing you can laugh about it later.

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