Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mashed witch in a jar treat

This is super easy! Even your kids can help to make this and it is sooo good!

Le chateau des fleurs Mashed witch in a jar treat
You will need per jar:
1 Jar
Whipped cream,
1 Cinnamon graham cracker,
1 Butterscotch pudding cup,
1 Little Debbie Cocoa creme cakes,
1 Small sugar cookie (Walmart)
1 Hershey's chocolate milk kiss,

- Crumble your crackers in a plastic bag, 
- Mash in a bowl with a fork your cake (use half of it for one layer). 
- Fill the jar in this order: Cake, pudding, cracker crumbs, cake, whipping creme. Push your kiss into the sugar cookie frosting and Top the whipped creme.

By Isabelle Thornton

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