Saturday, October 26, 2013

caramel apples kit : Cute Fall gift

I got this gift from a friend and I thought it was super cute, easy and a great idea!

To make this gift you will need:

1 Wire basket (This one is from Walmart),
Caramels, ( about 5 for each apples)
6 Apples of choice,
6 Crafts sticks,
Red ribbon.

Place your caramels on the bottom of basket. Tie 6 sticks with ribbon. Place them on the side of the basket. Then add your apples. Tie the ribbon around the wire basket. Voila! Cute cute gift!

Happy Fall!
By Isabelle Thornton


Erica said...

That's adorable!! I once received a DIY chocolate chip cookie jar filled with all the ingredients :) Love these types of things!

Erica | Abundance of Erica

Tea Cottage Pretties said...

What a fabulous gift idea!!!! Thank you, Beverly

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