Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day in Paris

Eiffel tower and carousel with Mimi

After 15 hours, 2 planes, 4 hours in Philadelphia, we finally arrived in Paris early in the morning. We were pretty much dead from the trip. The next day we went to Paris and went to Les Halles Shopping stores and stopping for lunch at the fountain outside, I used to hang out there and get some food years ago.

Fountain at Les Halles

Then we walked to Le louvre where Mimi had fun feeding the pigeons. 
Le louvre

Pyramide du Louvre ( Entry to the Louvre )

Feeding pigeons at Le Louvre

We walked through the Jardin des tuileries.

Jardin des tuileries

Carousel at the Jardin des tuileries

 We took the subway to the Eiffel tower for ice cream and a picnic in the grass. 

Trocadero Metro exit, Eiffel tower

Italian Ice cream by the Eiffel tower

We went home very tired from all the walking. It was Mimi's first time taking the train and subway.
It was very nice to be back to my city and go around with the public transportation like in the old days and The weather was warm and perfect!!
I finally got to see my Mom and family after so long.


Helena Resende said...

I want to go to Paris again soon.

Debby said...

I'm so happy you got to go home for a visit. Was it just you and Mimi. What a pretty young lady she is now.

Nancy Carr said...

How beautiful and wonderful!

Dixie Delights said...

how wonderful!!

Tea Cottage Pretties said...

WOW!!! What beautiful photos of your Paris trip. Thank you for sharing them. Your Eiffel tower photos are fabulous. Your Mimi is lovely. I am sure it was a blessing to see your family and your mom. Hugs, Beverly

Unknown said...

such a fantasy city is Paris, your pictures are so amazing, Eiffel Tower looks so high and huge, How I hope I can go there one day!!!but now, I 'll follow your to know more about this beautiful city, will you follow back and let me know you more? waiting for you my dear~~~~


Unknown said...

So happy for you, Isabelle! What a wonderful treat! I'll bet your family were soooooooo happy to have you home for a bit.

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