Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cat in a hat birthday party, 6 years old!

Party rock is in the house. Happy Birthday. It's time 2 celebrate! 
My little girl turn 6 and wanted a cat in a hat party. I love the cat in a hat a lot and thought I would throw together something together for her and her friends.

Cat in a hat chalkboard, Suckers and cupcakes

Cat in a hat red fish, hat and thing 1 and 2 hair cupcakes

I made some yellow cake cupcakes from a box. I thought about doing a red fish cupcake. It is a Swedish fish candy on the top of the icing. The cat in a hat is a mini oreo and a salt water mint taffy on top. The tulle topper is already made from the store and resembles thing one and thing two hair.
Cupcakes on a cupcake stand

The cake is the bottom part of a big cupcake cake with pink icing and a Pompom banner I made.
The bottom is strawberry jelly rolls sliced and added on the bottom

Cat in a hat pompom cake. I made the pompoms out of tissue paper and string.

Jelly rolls sliced and placed in cupcake wrappers.

Suckers and sucker stand. I made the stand by wrapping a piece of Styrofoam with tissue paper and taping it at the bottom.

Decorations hanging from the ceiling

We all had a cat face makeover before she blew the candles and as you can see she was delighted!

Happy Birthday!

I made some pizza calzones rolls. Very easy: Pizza dough from the store. Mozzarella cheese slices and pepperoni.
Lay the dough as a rectangle. Layer the cheese and meat. Roll. Cook in oven and slice in portions when cooled a little. I didn't add any sauce because little kids make messes. It was super good and the kids loved it.

Red fish ice cubes: Super easy just freeze Swedish fish in an ice cube tray.

Red fish ice cubes in a fish bowl and fun red and white paper straw.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory - Dr Seuss

- red and white polka dots banner.
- Blue, white paper garlands.
- Red and white swirls suckers.
- Red and white paper straws.
- Red and white salt water taffy mint flavored.
- red and white polka dots tissue paper.
- Paper plates, napkins, forks.
- Red and white felt hat.
- Halloween makeup.

- Swedish fish.
- Jelly rolls.
- Fish bowls.

- Red and white stripe paper lantern.
- Silver cake stand and treat tower.
- Cupcake stand.

Hobby lobby:
- Cupcake tulle toppers.

By Isabelle Thornton


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Absolutely beautiful :')

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I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog. This is a wonderful display of party fun. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Hugs!

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