Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weight loss tip: focus on the positive

I have been thinking about body image a lot since I started loosing weight. I really think we are our worst critics and seriously it doesn't help with our weight loss and getting back in shape. Look at this droopy butt, those love handles are hideous... Your stomach is a lost cause and too damaged etc...

 If you are telling yourself these kind of things. STOP

You need to focus on the positive as your body changes. Your body is made to change, to renew itself and adapt. Focus on what qualities it has. For me the first parts of my body I started focusing were my legs. They were the first to get muscles and become pretty. I would look at them and think...WOW You are really looking good!!
I want you to look at your body and each time a nasty thought comes through. Think about the parts you like and compliment it: Eyes, hair? Smile...And I want you to accentuate it. Wear eye makeup or lipstick. Do your hair...
I right away got running shorts and sunless tanner for my legs. It made me happy, proud and motivated me for more areas of my body to get pretty. 

Do not listen to the know it all friends or family...You can't loose weight like that. Girls with muscles are ugly etc...
There is so many negative people out there. Don't do it for their approval, do it for yourself. Listen to the positive people who want you to succeed and maybe have done it before or do it for a living.
 Instagram has great inspiration and motivation quotes. You can see real athletes' pictures and be inspired to see your body change like theirs did.


Cranberry Morning said...

And let me tell you from experience, that when you get older you'll still be critical of your own looks. Bad habits formed in youth. My biggest helps are to quit with the sugar and the flour.

You're doing a great job, Isabelle.

squidword said...

I completely agree. Thank you for this article, someone needed to say that. Your body is beautiful if you know how to embrace it.

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