Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I lost 10 pounds walking

Well I lost 9 pounds but really I am so happy that my efforts are paying off.
I started 4 weeks ago. I walk 1 hour a day and also go boxing for 1 to 2 hours a week. I don't like running so I am walking. No one can say that walking is too hard or 2 expensive. I really encourage you to go walk!

I love my calories counting watch. The number you see above is 2 hours of boxing. It is my hardest so far at 2053 calories in 2 hours and 10 minutes.
I figured if I can burn in one week more calories that I eat I will loose weight. I am surely.
My watch told me I burn 2000 calories in a 12 hour day. So I eat less. Minimum 1500 per day and healthy. A salad for lunch everyday and I stay away from "brown foods" = Junk food.
I have been counting my calories.
I am seeing my body getting fit after 14 years without exercising and it is feeling good. My legs and arms are getting stronger and pretty. I know that you will surely say that I already look good. I think I know how to make myself look good in pictures. I am 5'3 and now after loosing 9 pounds I am at 139 pounds. Will you walk with me?

Some things I do differently:

  • I drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • I focus on my favorite body part =  My legs. It helps me to stay positive about my body.
  • I eat a salad for lunch
  • I drink a diet shake or protein shake for dinner on days I am not hungry
  • I count my calories

What works:

  • Walking 1 hour a day is actually easy if you try
  • Walking with music makes you go longer and faster
  • When I exercise I am actually less hungry that day
  • I go easy on the weekend with the food but strong during the week
  • Infused water with an orange slice or ginger root is easier to swallow. With a straw it's even better! 
  • I walk or workout 5 days a week
  • I try to sleep as much as I can to let my body recover
  • I eat a good breakfast = Oatmeal then I go walk
  • I try to go the extra mile and push myself
  • I use my watch to see my progress and count the hours I workout during the week.


Cranberry Morning said...

Good for you, Isabelle!! I think I've been a bit lax on the water lately. I know I need to drink a half gallon daily. Keep walking, it feels great, doesn't it!

I posted my favorite protein shake recipe today. Check it out. :-)

highheeledlife said...

Congrats my friend!! I'm working on getting healthier and have found stretching, walking have been great helpers. Also keeping an eye that I don't eat - just to eat. I have also incorporated meditation into my mornings and sometimes in the evenings. I'm 5'2" and at the same weight as you, so I understand. Keep up the great work, Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

Our French Inspired Home said...

First off..good for you! Glad you found what works for you. One suggestion my doctor told me years ago was watch the salads when trying to lose weight. They typically have very little protein which then of course we dont feel full and thus are hungry a few hours later all while having consumed unfullfilling calories. Hopefully you are loading them up with protein! At any rate its great to hear of your success. I will be right there with you losing a few after our first little one is out in about four weeks. Hopefully I will get back in the swing of blogging when our construction starts. -Tonya

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...


marie said...

Congrats! I have been looking for a watch that counts steps when I walk. Any advice?
Marie d.

Beansieleigh said...

YAY!! Congrats to you, and yes, I have been walking too! I have a very similar kind of watch, and Dear Son and I have walked our dog nearly every day for at least one to three miles a day! I wish I had a scale, though Dear Daughter warns me muscle will add weight, and that I shouldn't get discouraged by numbers. HOWEVER, the heat has really been brutal lately, so I went to try on an old pair of shorts that didn't fit me last year... And they FIT me THIS year!!!! I'm deliriously happy, but now I'm afraid to eat ANYTHING! (Ugh..What a vicious cycle weight control can be!).. Hope you're keeping cool and enjoying your summer! ~tina

Unknown said...

Our French inspired...Yes, they are chicken salad, Tuna etc...I make sure I get the protein too.
Marie...I don't know about the watch. I used to have a step counter years ago. I got it at Walmart.

Beansieleigh...I know. I rely on my clothes a lot and how they fit especially when I am adding so much muscles. I'll get my body fat checked in few months. When I checked as I was starting my diet I was at the unhealthy body fat. I think 31 % body fat. What a wake up cal!! Congrats on fitting your shorts!! YAy!!!
Thanks guys!! Love you!

Angela Silva said...

Where did you get your watch? I think just being able to see the immediate progress at the end of a walk or workout would motivate me to go more frequently.

Angela Silva said...

Where did you get the calorie-counting watch? I think that's a great idea - if I was able to see the progress right after a walk or workout I think I would be more motivated to do it more frequently.

Contact me at: isafrenchy@gmail.com