Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pretty pictures and diary from my phone

Making a playhouse with a box is the best! / Cheetah nail art, I adore this! / My big girl doesn't fit in the cardboard box. She is so big! / Owl binky / What's for dinner. I do cook a lot / Mimi turned 13. Already? 

The Salt Lake Temple is just outstanding and beautiful! / Got to dress up for Ephraim's rescue blogger event and meet the lead actor / Oatmeal cookies might be a favorite scent / My baby is so beautiful, she is dark blonde right now / Glue on nails. Love them but not with boxing. I like to punch hard and they keep me from doing that / Iron Man date with Hubby...LOVE!

Mother's Day was fantastic thanks to my husband and kids / Weekend projects are the best!! 
Great giveaway!
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What are you up to lately?


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I've been to the temple, but I've only been to the museum. It is spectacular architecture.

Such pretty photos of all the fun you had this month.

Cranberry Morning said...

Fun looking at all your pictures, Frenchy. Your kids are so darling! And don't they just love to climb inside a cardboard box! :-)

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