Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mimi is 13 years old

How did this happen? I remember when I was 13. I wanted to marry Michael Jackson. Why did my Mom get me back to reality? Haha. I was listening to the radio for hours every nights trying to forget about my parents situation. My Mom divorced my Dad after 7 years of separation and we moved from southern France to the city to my Grand ma's apartment in a ghetto around Paris. Life was so bizarre! So sad and hard. I am very glad that I am giving a better life than I had growing up to my daughter.
I can hear you say...How do you have a 13 year old daughter? I look younger than what I am. I actually married at 26 and had a "life" like I say. Traveled, served a mission for my church. I danced for Disneyland Paris...I am grateful for my daughter and I am so lucky. She is a sweet nurturing and caring young woman.
We had flowers delivered to school and donuts, a big chocolate cookie with icing to celebrate.
Did you marry young or late? do you like it?
I think we do what is the best for ourselves. Share...


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

So sweet! Happy birthday to her!

I married young, and I have been married a long time. I was married over ten before I had my daughter.

Zeugma said...

Wishing her tons of good fortune and happiness on her birthday!

Winda - said...

happy birthday to your daughter, she looks so pretty :)
always be blessed with health and happiness ^_~

Cranberry Morning said...

Happy birthday to your lovely daughter, Frenchy! ♥

I married young and have been married about as many years as you've been alive. :-) Marriage and family are such a gift from God!

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