Saturday, February 2, 2013

Popping Birds App Review

I love well designed and fun kids games. Popping Birds meets those criteria. On iPad the Popping Birds app is a puzzle of popping birds that you must strategically pop to get to the bottom. The birds are varied with a high quality graphic design and cute background noises and animations for successful pops. The design is completely kid friendly and teaches logical thinking and organization to complete the task.

I found myself playing with 2 of my kids reaching over my shoulder finding groups of birds to pop. Yes we were fighting for time alone popping birds. If you would of said that to me 5 years ago I would not of believed you. The iPad and the excellent & easy game design makes Popping birds fun and engaging for any kid or parent!

Here are some screenshots from my popping bird adventure and yes that is me on level 5;)

Get this addicting Popping Birds app here:


an ika said...

cute game

Amy Orvin said...

This app looks really cute.

Zoe Lianne said...

aww how cute does this game look?!

just found your blog, thanks for the comment on mine. new follower :) x

Courtney B said...

wow looks like a game i would actually play: fun!

Наталья said...

I like it!

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