Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lately according to my iphone

Chocolate mouth. We love French chocolates from Mamie.

Soleil is 11 months and is a smartie. She does all those funny things like head butting me or pulling my hair in the morning to wake me up "cough". Yesterday we received a box from my Mom from Paris with yummy chocolate and the cutie would get a bite and then laugh... She is always trying to get in trouble in the dog food. Especially the dog water. She says lots of little words like "more" when she wants to eat and  "uh oh". She dances and sings.

Utah has been so cold that ice isn't melting on the drive way. Way too cold for me.
We went for Pho with the kids. I am so addicted to Pho I could eat it everyday.
Our tree this year was a floked tree with some red ornaments. I really wanted to plant a Bruce tree in our front yard just to put lights on it!

My 5 year old got into my lipsticks again

I love my calendar. Every year I have to have a Thomas Kinkade one


Cherry Blossoms said...

so jealous that you received yummy chocolates from Paris. So thoughtful of your mom.
My husband and I can't wait take our daughter Elle to Paris. I hope she loves the city as much as I do.

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

Yummy chocolates=0) OMG...the lipsticks cracks me up!


Abramyan Avenue said...

LOVE this post... it reminds me of when my youngest was a toddler. My husband is from Russia and his mother would bring us Russian chocolates and my youngest would fill her little purse, run and hide behind the rocking chair and go to town on her chocolates! The only evidence left was a sweet, chocolate mouth and a dozen empty wrappers on the floor!
I definitely think you should have your husband plant a tree, how beautiful would that be??

Chyrel Gomez said...

I remember when your kid played with your iPhone and posted stuff on twitter. They're growing up so fast!

Anonymous said...

You girls are both beautiful. I know what you mean about the weather. No ice here in the South, but very cold and gray skies. I always say if the skies are going to be gray in the winter, it should just snow. Just rain here, which is worse. Maybe someday (probably on the day I run out of milk), we'll finally get our snow. Thanks for dropping by my blog today.

Aylin Leto said...

You have so cuuute girls. Gorgeous blue eyes.

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