Thursday, January 17, 2013

Decimals: Addition Math App Review

When I tell my daughter it is time to do her math homework and practice decimals she always gives me THE FACE. Yes, I know all of you have seen the face at one time or another. I found the cutest app that turns math, decimals and addition into GOOD words. The app is based in your virtual room. You get to dress up your app avatar from a closet full of fun clothes, do your decimal math work and play interactive math games; the alien invader game is my favorite. Finally you are rewarded for correct work and get to collect a shelf full of achievements / trophies.

Here are some screenshots from my math adventure:

It is such a cute, fun interactive design that teaches valuable math learning. It is great for the classroom and for individual study. The app is completely kid friendly so when they are playing the interactive games you will know that they are also learning math principles at the same time. The app motivates kids to learn and keeps them engaged the entire time.


Get my new favorite math app here:

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Unknown said...

Interesting! I should see what is it about. The toddler is only 3 yo but I'm looking for some methods that suit him ;)

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